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Treatment Number Two

So, honestly, I can’t remember if I even finished writing about my first treatment, and I guess it doesn’t matter. J My blog, my rules.

On the 22nd we headed back over to HOA for the treatment. It was a crazy day! We left in plenty of time, dropped my kids off with my dad and headed out. As we were driving through Grants Pass there was a huge lightning storm where we could actually see the bolts of lightning and they were super close! All of the stop lights through town were flashing red since the storm caused a power surge. So, it took forever to get through town. We stopped at Fred Meyer to grab some sandwiches so that we wouldn’t be starving during the session. Anyways, we get back on the road, and because of the major delay, we wound up being 10 minutes late to HOA. They didn’t care in the slightest. I guess when you have cancer you can show up late to an appointment.

I go over to the lab and get my blood drawn and then am taken back to the room to wait for Stacy. Dr. Rizvi, my oncologist is out of town and will be for one more treatment. All of my numbers look pretty good except for my Neurophils. Normal is 2.0-8.0 and mine are .63. There is a booster type of shot that they can give you to bump that up, but it is hard on the lungs and one of the drugs I take is already hard on the lungs (Bleomycin) so she wants to avoid that until absolutely necessary.

My treatment was scheduled to start at noon and they called me back at 12:07, so even though I was 10 minutes late, it didn’t matter, I was checked in with them before then, they were running late! HA! 😉

Again, they accessed the port, which doesn’t get less weird, in case you were wondering, gave me some Tylenol, then started pushing the anti-nausea meds followed by the steroid.

Then came the drugs. Two of my chemo drugs are pushed by the nurse. The Adriamycin and the Vindcristine are sort of slow going and awkward since the nurse is right there. Matt and I played some Rummy (I totally won!) and decided that we would keep a running game going to see who wins after chemo is over. As long as I win I’ll have fun.

We ate lunch in the room, but stupid Fred Meyer put mayonnaise on the sandwich (NASTY) so I didn’t eat that. I was really glad that we ordered a quinoa salad since I wouldn’t have had anything to eat otherwise.

Oh, and the Adriamycin makes pee bright orange, which is always a shock!

Anyways, it was rather uneventful. We got there like I said at 11 and we were done and headed out of the parking lot at 3:20. I’ll take it!

I haven’t had any bad reactions this time. I have been sleepy, but I’ve only taken one anti-nausea pill, and that was even just me being overly cautious! J

We had a great birthday party for me on Sunday since I’ve now ventured into the land of the 31’s instead of just 30. Lots of friends came over, a barbecue, some wine, a bounce hosue for the kids. I was feeling the love, that’s for sure! And, my friends know me and I have large quantities of red wine to consume! J


Thanks for checking in! ❤


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One thought on “Treatment Number Two

  1. I can't imagine how frightening this whole experience is, but I am amazed daily that you are able to keep a positive, humorous outlook.

    Love you!

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