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Test Results and Night Before Chemo

So on August 7th, Matt and I ran back over to Medford to get the results of all the previous testing, and as much as my husband was not going to enjoy it, I knew my mind powers would make my first chemo treatment start!

We got to HOA right on time. I had a 10am appointment and that time is pretty perfect for dropping kids off at daycare/school and getting on the road. We get called back in the room at about 10:15 and Stacy, the PA told me that I have a healthy heart and healthy lungs (not exactly the news flash of the year.) and did I feel like starting Chemo? I pretty much burst into the “I told you So Dance” from Will & Grace. Matt was not amused.

We talked with Stacy a bit more about how many cycles I’d have to go. Since the PET scan showed that I have cancerous lymph nodes both above and below my abdomen I was bumped to a stage three and will be doing 6 cycles of chemo. That was a giant awww, fuck, moment. I mean, in my head I had sort of assumed that I would have to do like 4 treatments all together and this crap would be gone. But to know I have to do this every other week for 6 months, barf. Stacy suggested that we move the treatments to Friday’s in Grants Pass, a town that is about a half hour drive closer and on Friday’s, but I was sort of set on Thursday’s for my own scheduling reasons. Stacy sent us to the lab to have my blood work done so they could have a base line.

We went into the lab waiting area and it was packed and we’re waiting. And we wait, and then we wait some more. We aren’t really freaking out because the room has tons of people and they are all being called back. As the room starts to thin out I start to wonder if maybe I should be asking where I should be. So after an hour and a half I’m the only person in the room. I peak around the corner and talk to the receptionist and the lab technician was mortified! Apparently waiting more than 20 minutes is unheard of and something was wrong! They lost my order! She was so apologetic! But, this was the same nurse/lab tech who did the bone marrow biopsy, and without telling her my name, she was able to call up my orders and knew my name and remembered that we wanted to know where to eat last time we were there. Lesson learned, don’t be so patient. And again, I was blown away by how well this clinic remembers people. I just started my treatment and I feel like they know me. After that was all finally taken care of, it was time to spend some money!

I mean, if I’m going to have to be in Medford, I might as well knock out some of the kids’ back to school shopping. Then we picked up my prescriptions. I felt like such a druggy! 5 prescriptions! But, by having them filled at Fred Meyer’s I got 250 fuel points! The lady was super nice, the prescriptions were ready and I passed the test by the pharmacist on knowing what all the drugs were and why I needed to take them. I love getting A’s and am totally a Gold Star type of person, so I gave myself a gold star that day. Haha

We stayed at the Quality Inn, which is eh, but not as nice as some of my other favorite places in Medford. But, a room is a room. We went to dinner with my sister and her husband and their cute baby (who by the way loves me the best) and had a really nice time.

When we got back to the room and went to bed I didn’t realize I was nervous until I couldn’t sleep. Matt was knocked out and here I am, wide awake. About the only good thing that came out of that was I could watch a show I saw the preview for called Deal With It. OMG! I was so surprised I didn’t wake Matt up laughing. It is totally worth a half hour of your time, especially if you’re feeling nervous and can’t sleep.

The next morning we had breakfast (I had French Toast) and then headed over to HOA for my first treatment. I was supposed to be there at 11:30 and by the time they called me back it was noon. Then they didn’t start my treatment until 12:30!


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One thought on “Test Results and Night Before Chemo

  1. victoriacrispo on said:

    You are a wonder Angela! I love your attitude and your humor! Wishing you the best always.

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