My Hodgkin's Lymphoma

My Cancer Journey

The Beginning

On April 17th I woke up with some killer hip pain in my left hip. Even though I had this pain, it wasn’t unusual. Ever since I had my daughter (at the time was still 6) I would have hip pain. No big deal. I go to the chiropractor, he pops me back in and bam, I’m good for a few months.

This, however was different. It hurt, bad. I laid in bed doing what I do when I hurt and poke the side that hurts, then I poke the other side, repeat until I find something different. What I wasn’t really expecting, however, was to find something different.

About 2.5 inches in from my left hip bone there was a solid mass. It was about an inch wide and 2 inches long and I could only find it while laying down. I didn’t initially freak out. I didn’t run to Dr. Google. I already had an appointment scheduled with my ob-gyn for my annual appointment and figured I would take it up with him in 2 weeks.

So, I’m waiting to inform the doctor of the mass when he gets to the any other concerns part after the internal and I don’t even have to bring it up, he can feel the lump. I’m thinking I have cysts on my ovaries or something similar.

The doctor sent me for an ultrasound a couple of days later and he confirmed that the lump was not in my ovaries or uterus, therefore not his area and sent me to the general surgeon.

I met with the general surgeon, who really was a nice guy, and he sent me for a CT Scan. The CT showed this lymph node that was under my stomach muscles and layers of fat, so he thought he would go for another enlarged lymph node that was about 2 inches lower, but the incision site wasn’t as invasive of a surgery.

A week later, I got the results that they didn’t get any results from that lymph node. Swell. Like I have time for ANOTHER procedure, MORE time off work. UGH!

So the Surgeon ordered a CT Guided biopsy. That was pretty painless, pretty fast, except for some confusion from the Radiologist on ordering a more comprehensive CT. Those results came back slightly abnormal with tracers of something called CD-30. Again, I didn’t rush to Dr. Google, because, that crap is scary.

Since there wasn’t enough of a sample, we had to go to the last resort, which was the invasive, knock you all the way out, use lasers to take the sample.

When those results came in, my surgeon said, “So, you have Classic Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.” Seriously? Cancer? I don’t have time for this fucking cancer.

There are nights that I don’t have time to make dinner for my kids and you want me to have time to go to Medford for appointments? To not be feeling well, to have to have people help me. This is going to suck.

So that’s how I got the official diagnosis. Things are going well, and I’ll post another blog on meeting the oncologists and getting staged.


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One thought on “The Beginning

  1. You know we love you and are praying for your healing. Xoxox

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