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Going to Hematology Oncology Associates


Once my surgeon gave me the news that I have Classic Hodgkin’s Lymphoma I did not freak out. I did some basic googling just to get the general idea of WHAT I was dealing with.


I had the first appointment on July 17th. I’m not going to lie, these people at the office are the honest to god nicest people I have ever met. Everyone was sincere, funny, enjoyable to be around, and I didn’t get an ounce of the fake crap. I have a pretty good fake nice radar, and it was not even going off a little. Matt and I were shuffled back almost immediately, got weighted (EEEEK), and the PA was in almost immediately. She staged me, and at that time I was a stage 2, which in Hodgkin’s Lymphoma lands means that I have more than one lymph node that is infected, but it hasn’t spread to above and below my abdomen. Stacy (the PA) was super nice, told me about the treatment of drugs I was going to be receiving. A therapy called Adriamycin, Bleomycin, Vincrstine, Dacarbazine or ABVD for short. It’s apparently a super common treatment for Hodgkin’s. I was told that they needed to schedule me for a bunch more tests. An Echo to make sure my heart was strong enough. A pulmonary Function test to see if my lungs were strong enough and a PET Scan to get an idea if the cancer had spread.

Then she went ahead and sent me to a procedure room where I had my first ever bone marrow biopsy. That thing hurt like a mother effer. If I ever have another one, it’s one too many. Thankfully it’s done right above my ass so I couldn’t see what she was doing, but it wasn’t fun. And as they were extracting the marrow, I swear to you, my bones squeaked. NASTY. Although it wasn’t fun and hurt and sucked, the worst part was when they told me I couldn’t swim in the river for 2 weeks. I’m driving about 2 hours and 15 minutes to get to these appointments. The place I live doesn’t have a lot of stuff, but the river is beautiful and the highlight of my summer and it was being taken away from me. It was the first thing that cancer did to me that was a you can’t, not merely an inconvenience. And, for anyone who knows me, they know I HATE being told what to do. It hurts my soul! Haha Stacy told me that it’s pretty common for people to be emotional after a bone marrow biopsy, but still, I felt like a fool crying in the office over swimming. They promised me they have seen countless people crying, but I’m sure not over swimming.

Overall, my first appointment was informative, a little painful and good. I know that this group of doctor’s and all the staff are really going to do their best to treat me!


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2 thoughts on “Going to Hematology Oncology Associates

  1. So glad you’re sharing here- cheering you along as you kick ass!

  2. So glad you’re sharing here – following and cheering as you kick ass!

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